About Us

jerry w

Hi All,

My name is Jerry Whitman and I am the owner of ToldShoes.com, the same ToldShoes that you have all known for the years. I would like to introduce myself a little bit. Prior to rebuilding this site from the ground up, we were a wholesale apparel company with a large inventory of products for men, women, and children. We started out primarily selling shoes that we manufactured and branded and we also distributed to many retailers and resellers around the world. Within two years, we expanded into other categories including wholesale socks / hosiery, other apparel, eye wear, and a wide variety of accessories. Nearing the end of the 2015, we sold our business to a larger wholesaler and manufacturer. We did not want to put our domain to waste, so we rebuilt it and turned it into a blog/community for wholesalers, drop shippers, and resellers.

We are a small team that have our own gigs and jobs, but we’re doing this hoping to build a strong community where business owners can help each other with experiences and information.




I look forward to meeting  you all,


Jerry Whitman