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Here at ToldShoes.com, we have been known for our wholesale shoe deals. We have recently revamped our website with a brand new layout and started expanding into all other categories with a strong focus on apparel. If you’re looking to find wholesale deals on wholesale clothing, you are in the right place!

Although we no longer offer any products for sale, we can continue to provide information and direct our subscribers on where to go when they’re looking to buy discounted goods in bulk. Regardless, beyond providing information and reviews on suppliers and distributors, we can give you information on how you can succeed as a retailer who would like to forge relationships with distributors, manufacturers, and drop shippers.

Wholesale and buying in bulk

We will try to keep our blog as up to date as possible and your contributions could really help us succeed. We, like most retailers, have spent a lot of time browsing through wholesale directories and making phone calls. However, directories often are outdated and you find yourself having to cross off a lot of names before you finally find the right supplier. To access some of these lists, you may even have to pay for it. We are providing information for free.

If you would like to contribute or share some information, please use our contact form. After we review your submission, we will write an entire blog post based around your submission and we will credit you for it!

wholesale boxes

For those of you who are contacting us about ToldShoes, we are no longer in the wholesale shoe business and can no longer provide quotes or products. If you need assistance with launching your retail company and looking for reliable suppliers, we can certainly help you there. Feel free to drop a line below or use our contact form.

Hopefully we can build this community together! Look forward to hearing from you guys!

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