Top 5 Wholesale Items for Summer 2016

With summer right around the corner, a lot of retailers who sell a variety of different products are turning their eyes and ears towards what may be a hot seller for the summer time. If you’ve found your way to our blog, you’re most likely one of these resellers or you could be a wholesaler looking for the next hottest product to distribute. Here are a list of products that you may want to stock up on before the summer hits and ride it out until September.

  1. Wholesale Flip Flops: Flip flops are one of those items that a lot of people replace on an annual basis and are willing to spend up to $20 per pair on. Whether you’re going to the beach or just hanging in your back yard, when the weather is hot, you just want to slip into your flip flops. There are a wide range of  flip flops that you can get, whether they be the colorful ones or plain ones, in my experience, they both sell very well! wholesale flip flops for summer
  2. Wholesale Eye wear: We get sunlight all year round but we find ourselves wearing sunglasses and selling the most sunglasses during the summer time, why? Because people spend more time outdoors, driving, hanging at the park or the beach during the summer time. Sunglasses of all styles, whether they have UV protection or not are hot sellers around this time! A great thing about selling eye wear is that people often don’t tie themselves down to a single pair of sunglasses. When they purchase, they will purchase multiple pairs especially if the price is right. wholesale sunglasses eye wear
  3. Wholesale Summer Dresses: Women and teens love to shop, and there is nothing they love to buy more than clothing! Summer dresses are an absolute must-have in inventory right now as the sales will begin pouring in beginning at the end of April. If your customer base is on the west coast, you can begin stocking up even sooner.  wholesale summer dress
  4. Wholesale BBQ accessories: Whether it be a grill, spatula, or brushes, everybody will be barbecuing beginning May and all the way throughout August. People replace a lot of these items annually and buy in multiples. Stock up on these as they are also a really big hit in the summer time.  wholesale bbq barbecue accessories
  5. Wholesale Gardening Supplies: Although this category slips a lot of people’s minds, it is a highly searched for product that stretches from the Spring all the way until the beginning of Fall. There are a variety of gardening supplies that you can stock up and they often always sell. wholesale gardening supplies

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