Top 5 Wholesale Items for Summer 2016

With summer right around the corner, a lot of retailers who sell a variety of different products are turning their eyes and ears towards what may be a hot seller for the summer time. If you’ve found your way to our blog, you’re most likely one of these resellers or you could be a wholesaler looking for the next hottest product to distribute. Here are a list of products that you may want to stock up on before the summer hits and ride it out until September.

  1. Wholesale Flip Flops: Flip flops are one of those items that a lot of people replace on an annual basis and are willing to spend up to $20 per pair on. Whether you’re going to the beach or just hanging in your back yard, when the weather is hot, you just want to slip into your flip flops. There are a wide range of  flip flops that you can get, whether they be the colorful ones or plain ones, in my experience, they both sell very well! wholesale flip flops for summer
  2. Wholesale Eye wear: We get sunlight all year round but we find ourselves wearing sunglasses and selling the most sunglasses during the summer time, why? Because people spend more time outdoors, driving, hanging at the park or the beach during the summer time. Sunglasses of all styles, whether they have UV protection or not are hot sellers around this time! A great thing about selling eye wear is that people often don’t tie themselves down to a single pair of sunglasses. When they purchase, they will purchase multiple pairs especially if the price is right. wholesale sunglasses eye wear
  3. Wholesale Summer Dresses: Women and teens love to shop, and there is nothing they love to buy more than clothing! Summer dresses are an absolute must-have in inventory right now as the sales will begin pouring in beginning at the end of April. If your customer base is on the west coast, you can begin stocking up even sooner.  wholesale summer dress
  4. Wholesale BBQ accessories: Whether it be a grill, spatula, or brushes, everybody will be barbecuing beginning May and all the way throughout August. People replace a lot of these items annually and buy in multiples. Stock up on these as they are also a really big hit in the summer time.  wholesale bbq barbecue accessories
  5. Wholesale Gardening Supplies: Although this category slips a lot of people’s minds, it is a highly searched for product that stretches from the Spring all the way until the beginning of Fall. There are a variety of gardening supplies that you can stock up and they often always sell. wholesale gardening supplies

If you’re looking for a reliable supplier for summer goods, AllTimeTrading is one of the absolute best warehouses to get heavily discounted and closeout deals on wholesale goods. You can literally get sunglasses for as low as $0.70 per pair (do the math in your head). For pricing and deals, visit

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D.E.S. Introduces PostPort for Wholesalers

postport wholesale shipping visibility service

Most recently, Direct Entry Solutions (D.E.S.), an international postal delivery company has launched a new solution that could change the wholesale industry. This exciting news was released in December 2015 and a lot of wholesale buyers and distributors have already jumped on board to propel their businesses forward. What this solution is capable of doing is that it gives wholesalers the ability to monitor the status of their shipments. Wait, that sounds sort of like what a tracking number does. Similarly to how a tracking number works, PostPort instead allows buyers and sellers to track where their products are in the distribution process.

PostPort will be providing a fully transparent mailing platform that will show both priority and non-priority shipments where ever it may be, whether it be the post room or in a mailing house. Wholesalers can now be able to see when their packages reaches key points and more. PostPort also allows for users to compile and print consignment documentation electronically. This will surely save a lot of wholesalers time. In addition to that, PostPort works offers auto-invoicing and access to all reports online. These features are some that we are seeing for the first time and we are very excited to be giving our subscribers the scoop on it. PostPort is implementing the latest technology to help businesses run more efficiently and to be able to have more control of their business.

shipping contain ship wholesale logistics

Shipping and logistics is a major part of a wholesale or a retail business. It is important that we continue to get the most efficient methods implemented and a seamless way for both shipping and receiving orders.

Currently, this service is primarily in the UK and working with Australian postal services, hopefully this comes to North America soon! To find out more about D.E.S. and Post Mate, click here.

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Welcome to Our New Wholesale Blog

Here at, we have been known for our wholesale shoe deals. We have recently revamped our website with a brand new layout and started expanding into all other categories with a strong focus on apparel. If you’re looking to find wholesale deals on wholesale clothing, you are in the right place!

Although we no longer offer any products for sale, we can continue to provide information and direct our subscribers on where to go when they’re looking to buy discounted goods in bulk. Regardless, beyond providing information and reviews on suppliers and distributors, we can give you information on how you can succeed as a retailer who would like to forge relationships with distributors, manufacturers, and drop shippers.

Wholesale and buying in bulk

We will try to keep our blog as up to date as possible and your contributions could really help us succeed. We, like most retailers, have spent a lot of time browsing through wholesale directories and making phone calls. However, directories often are outdated and you find yourself having to cross off a lot of names before you finally find the right supplier. To access some of these lists, you may even have to pay for it. We are providing information for free.

If you would like to contribute or share some information, please use our contact form. After we review your submission, we will write an entire blog post based around your submission and we will credit you for it!

wholesale boxes

For those of you who are contacting us about ToldShoes, we are no longer in the wholesale shoe business and can no longer provide quotes or products. If you need assistance with launching your retail company and looking for reliable suppliers, we can certainly help you there. Feel free to drop a line below or use our contact form.

Hopefully we can build this community together! Look forward to hearing from you guys!

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